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Thought I’d kick off the new ask me anything style here so you can always have access to just what you need. Hope you’re having a fabulous week- and tech is being your friend 😉 Now.. let’s get into your questions!

Most membership plugins will always have an option to redirect members after login. Memberpress- which is the membership plugin I use has this option both overall for the whole plugin- and per membership. This is really useful if you want everyone who ever logs into a member account to be redirected to a certain page. BUT- say you have a VIP tier to your membership that gives them access to super shiny bonuses- you can direct them to a seperate page just for them.

Example Login Journey

First head to the backend login of your wordpress site- then to memberpress in your left hand sidebar > settings and choose the tab that says ‘Account’

Scroll allllllllll the way down to ‘Login & Logout’ and you will find the magical redirection settings. Here will change where all users go when they login to a membership account- so if you have a member’s dashboard pop the url into the ‘URL to direct member to after login’

Have a special membership tier that should take them to a seperate page? No problem! Let’s dive into those settings-

Head to Memberpress > Memberships > The membership level you want to add a custom redirect to

Scroll down to membership options- Advanced Tab and there is a little checkbox and option for “Custom Login Redirect URLs”

Now this bit might look complicated but it’s not! – pinky promise!

In the first field- ‘Default Login Redirect URL’ Add the URL to the page you want them to be directed to when they login.

What’s all the other stuff mean?? The second set of fields that has a URL and login number next to it means you can add different URLs depending on how many times someone has logged in to the membership. Maybe the first time they login you want them to go to an onboarding page first? Add this into the second field and after login number 1 has passed they will return to just be directed URL you set in the field above.

Facebook unfortunately no longer let’s you schedule posts for your personal facebook profile- some apps however will allow you to schedule content and remind you when to post it with a few extra steps. There is one option I’ve found called post scheduler- a google chrome exstension which is $27 USD a month which does schedule and post for you automatically though I haven’t tested it myself.

The SocialBee app prompts you via mobile when to post but again isn’t free- SORRRYYYYYYY!

If you haven’t had a play with the templates yet you can find them HERE here’s a quick look at how to use them:

Please login for access. Login

It all depends on the flow/customer journey you want to create. I always encourage my clients to think about what action they want a potential client/current client to take when they reach a page. On a homepage it’s a great idea to link straight to a lead magnet opt in form – those email addresses are super valuable! Maybe you want to direct them to a current offer you have, a piece of content that reinforces your knowledge but most importantly direct them easily how they can work with you.

This can be in the form of products, services, membership offering- whatever you choose make sure it’s accessible and easy to digest. Try not to give them too many options as they’ll be overwhelmed so stick to clear offer/button to click and some information about you/your offerings. – I hope this helps!

Okay so number 1!

When using elementor you can choose the default page template- head onto your membership pages and set the page template to ‘elementor canvas’ this will hide the header and footer from each page you edit.

In time you can create a custom header template- then set the display conditions to exclude pages which are part of the membership.

Question 2-

When editing each page click the button that looks like a laptop and a phone screen at the bottom of the left hand menu- this is responsive mode. This is where you edit how the mobile view will look. There will be a little icon next to certain settings that tells you the changes you make will only affect that certain view.

For example like this one:

You can also edit text size, image size, column width and show and hide certain elements for different views.

Hope this helps and you’ve enjoyed this new way of me presenting the AMA responses!